The Five Principles of Content Marketing

My partner in the OgilvyOne Content Marketing Practice, Mina Seetharaman, has a great new post on the Sell or Else blog about our approach to content marketing.

Mina covers some good ground…

But what exactly IS content marketing? How do we describe it to clients, let alone convince them it’s something they need to consider in their marketing mix?

In our practice, we’ve settled on the following definition:

Content marketing is the discipline of planning, creating and distributing relevant and valuable content to build and engage a well-defined and understood audience to drive a valuable customer action or behavior.

Basically, it’s about presenting the right content to the right person at the right time to drive the right action. It’s not just campaigns; it’s about taking a programmatic view of content so you can use it to drive customer engagement, even when you don’t have media in-market.

You can read her five principles and more at the Sell or Else bog from OgilvyOne.