I had the pleasure of moderating the Advertising Week session “The Role of Brands in the Creator Revolution” last week. Panelists Cenk Uygur (The Young Turks), Maureen Ahmad (Lenovo), Seth Rogin (Mashable) and Sam Rogoway (Victorious) shared lively conversation about the rise of the online content star and what opportunities the new landscape offers for brands.

Revolution often results in democracy. The inverse can also be true, especially in media. The printing press, once it proliferated, allowed anyone to print their thoughts and spread them to large audiences. The internet tore down the floodgates, and the digital age allowed just about anyone to become a journalist, filmmaker, critic, activist.

The democratization led to an uprising of sorts, and we currently find ourselves in the throes of what many call the Creator Revolution. At Advertising Week in New York, Rob Davis, Executive Director of Content Marketing for OgilvyOne Worldwide, hosted a discussion on this revolution—what it looks like, where it’s going, and how brands fit in—with four leading digital thinkers.