“The Digital Social Contract” is out. Download here.

Today marks the release of “The Digital Social Contract,” a look at advertising in the world of online video stars and their hyper-engaged audiences.

I am proud to have co-authored this book – the ninth installment of Ogilvy & Mather’s Red Papers series – with Jeremy Katz, Alta Sparling and Bing Chen (along with insights from top creators including Blogilates, DeStorm Power, Pentatonix, The Young Turks’ Cenk Uygur, and Michelle Phan).

You may download “The Digital Social Contract” free as a PDF from http://www.slideshare.net/OgilvyWW/the-digital-social-contract-54664482/

About the Red Paper: The Millennials and generation Z together comprise the most engaged, mobile, and enticing consumers of our time, but brands and agencies have largely misunderstood how these coveted digital natives interact.

We have missed a fundamental truth: There is a new social contract emerging—a digital social contract—that, like Rousseau’s original, has been proposed, ratified, and enforced by those it governs—most especially online video creators and their legions of fans who together stand at the apex of the digital revolution.

In Ogilvy & Mather’s latest Red Paper, “The Digital Social Contract”, Ogilvy’s Jeremy Katz and Robert John Davis join with Alta Sparling and Bing Chen from Victorious to uncover the unspoken social rules governing the digital world and explain to brands how to thrive in it.