Online Video: Why Complete Views Aren’t All That

I have a new post on OgilvyOne’s Sell or Else blog about one of my least favorite subjects: the complete video view. Here’s an excerpt. Head over to Sell or Else for the whole piece.

The core Internet user experience is predicated upon the notion of instant gratification: the user clicks and the user gets what they want. As marketers, it is often our goal to insert a brand message or prompt into this basic transaction. That can be problematic, as unwelcome intrusions delaying immediacy offend the very promise of the medium, itself. Even more troublesome is the layer of expectation marketers put on the experience, especially when we start tracking the illusive “complete view.” – Read more on Sell or Else

Video content took the spotlight early at the 4A’s “Transformation 2016” event in Miami Beach, with opening day sessions covering multiple aspects of the video revolution. I had the pleasure of joining Tara Walpert Levy, Managing Director of Agency Solutions at Google and YouTube on her main stage panel “Where Culture and Content Collide” along with fellow guests Shabnam Mogharabi, CEO and Executive Producer, SoulPancake and Rob Candelino, Vice President of Marketing, Unilever.