Video Engagement Still Matters: Why Gawker is Kinda, Sorta Right About Counting Video Views

From the OgilvyOne Sell or Else blog:

In the eight years since I founded the Advanced Video Practice at OgilvyOne, I have been advising clients to avoid putting too much weight on counting total video views. In 2012, my colleague Jeremy Sanchez and I presented Viral is a Dirty Word at SXSW. Our plea to the industry at that time was to downplay “Volume Metrics (how many, how long)” and “focus on Business Metrics (leads, new customers, sales).”

Apparently, our plea fell on deaf ears. 

Gawker made quite a stir among marketing circles this week with Kevin Draper’s article “Internet Video Views is a 100 Percent Bullshit Metric.” What he highlights is not a new problem…

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