Beating Algorithms is a Literal Game

It’s no secret that our digital experiences are defined by algorithms. From search results and Facebook newsfeeds to YouTube video suggestions and junk mail folders, algorithmic codes elevate, deprecate, coordinate and regulate content for us everyday. We rarely know the inner workings of these proprietary tools, the details of which are protected by their owners with covertness to rival that of the Knights Templar. They are prized intellectual property; the better the algorithm, the more relevant the digital experience. Or, at least, so the thinking goes.

Even though the collecting, sorting, and collating of content is driven by the algorithm, the process of surfacing content to a user also relies upon the quality of care put into crafting the content itself. An asset designed to be found will perform infinitely better than one that relies upon discovery by happenstance.

Content marketers are left to deal with a simple challenge: how can one create content that stands a better chance of performing in our algorithmic world? For starters, we need to think – and create – literally.

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