The Radical Redefinition of Television

My latest major work – a look at the past, present and future of OTT – has been soft-launched. You can find it online at The official release will come in 2019. Written in partnership with¬†Ed Laczynski, CEO of Zype, Cordless: The Radical Redefinition of Television¬†is a guide to understanding Over The Top television from an insiders’ point of view.

Masters of Creative Selling: How Ogilvy Understands the Social Video Audience

I had the pleasure of sitting down with the incomparable Allison Stern, Co-Founder of Tubular Labs, to discuss social video. We tackle some of the most damaging conventional wisdom while opening up pathways to ideas that work. View the text and video on If you aren’t using TubularLabs’ tools, they are worth checking out. And if you aren’t aware of Allison’s thought leadership, check out her Linked In profile.