Television’s Third Act is Upon Us. Cordless: The Radical Redefinition of Television

My latest major work – a look at the past, present and future of OTT – has been soft-launched. You can find it online at The official release will come in mid-August. Written in partnership with Ed Laczynski, CEO of Zype, Cordless: The Radical Redefinition of Television is a guide to understanding Over The Top television from an insiders’ point of view. I was a proponent of Internet-delivered TV during my time in the late ’90’s and 2000’s at MTV and IFC; an idea that the TV industry wasn’t ready for. How did upstarts like Netflix push TV networks into the very situation they resisted? That’s part of our story. More importantly, OTT has not finished its course of disruption. Join us for a look at a cordless society. A PDF version is waiting for you. 

Download the full report here: