Bill McCabe on Digital Strategies To Amplify And Complement Your TV Campaign

My colleague Bill McCabe, President and CEO of Eicoff, a Chicago-based advertising agency and broadcast division of Ogilvy, has recently published few pieces on how digital tactics can extend television advertising. His wisdom is worth a deep consideration for all TV marketers.

In Forbes, Bill writes:

“Just take that 30-second TV spot and run it on the interwebs. It should work great,” is something no digital marketer has ever said.

Bill McCabe:

And he’s right, but a lot of traditional marketers have said it. And still do. In his Forbes piece, Bill tackles how to move beyond the obvious and capitalize on digital extensions of TV advertising. Read the whole article on

In his blog post Converting The Digital Demand Driven By TV Bill takes a more prescriptive approach to reveal the kinds of tactics that boost effectiveness of TV campaigns. Bill notes:

TV viewers may be at very different stages of the buying cycle. Some may be ready to purchase. Many others, especially website visitors, will still be early in the purchase funnel. While it may be tempting to drive everybody to a strong and simple call to action (“buy now” or “call now”), we’ve found the best long-term approach is to provide multiple paths for your prospects to convert.

Bill McCabe: Converting The Digital Demand Driven By TV

Finally, Bill wraps his trilogy of advice with 10 Tactics To Capture TV-Driven Demand Through Search in which he examines 10 defensive strategies to improve TV campaigns – with a focus on search and voice.

If TV viewers are searching for you, it means they are interested. To capitalize on this interest, a marketer must think beyond direct navigation and vanity URLs. It simply isn’t the viewer’s typical path. Instead, viewers do a general search for a product. They read reviews. Viewers may also go to Amazon to check out comparable products.

To meet this reality, we recommend what we call “defensive strategies.” These strategies are based on the fact that viewers are unlikely to immediately search for your website and instead prepare for all the other avenues your viewers could go down. By employing these strategies, you can avoid missing out on opportunities driven by your TV ads.

Bill McCabe & Dan Golden: 10 Tactics To Capture TV-Driven Demand Through Search

Take a moment to consider his advice. It’s spot on.