VidCon London Links

If you made it to my presentation at VidCon London 2019 Cutting Through the Clutter: The Secret to Evolved, Creative Storytelling you might be interested in chasing down some of the content and people that I mentioned.

Ogilvy White papers:

Video Links:

Some companies and people I have mentioned:

And finally, the Internet clutter theme song: Nobody’s Fault But Mine



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  1. I want to report a taxi69 “Twitter is inherently well-positioned for targeted advertising, based on ‘interest-graph’ profiles (following people, subjects, companies, etc.), which are very straightforward and easy for advertisers to identify with and target their ads,” Pyykkonen said. “Twitter should be able to capitalize on its position between Internet media consumption and traditional TV viewing. Twitter and Nielsen have formed a multiyear agreement to produce social TV ratings, which will have some initial availability in the current 2013 TV season.”