Video Engagement Still Matters: Why Gawker is Kinda, Sorta Right About Counting Video Views

From the OgilvyOne Sell or Else blog: In the eight years since I founded the Advanced Video Practice at OgilvyOne, I have been advising clients to avoid putting too much weight on counting total video views. In 2012, my colleague Jeremy Sanchez and I presented Viral is a Dirty Word at SXSW. Our plea to the industry at that […]

Online Video: Why Complete Views Aren’t All That

I have a new post on OgilvyOne’s Sell or Else blog about one of my least favorite subjects: the complete video view. Here’s an excerpt. Head over to Sell or Else for the whole piece. The core Internet user experience is predicated upon the notion of instant gratification: the user clicks and the user gets […]

Davis joins 15 video experts in 2016 marketplace predictions – Momentology

I am in good company with these folks! “We asked 16 video marketing experts – especially ones who made accurate predictions last year – to share their insights into the video marketing trends that we will see in 2016. In alphabetical order, here’s what they told Momentology.” More at Momentology…