VidCon London Links

If you made it to my presentation at VidCon London 2019 Cutting Through the Clutter: The Secret to Evolved, Creative Storytelling you might be interested in chasing down some of the content and people that I mentioned. Even if you didn’t make it, these are some good links to check out.

Rob Guests on The Ogilvy Podcast

“Technology and data have democratized the system so much that you really can’t afford to be a stagnant, conservative company and not expect to get your clock cleaned.” – Rob Davis

Innovation today goes hand in hand with digital transformation which goes hand in hand with data. Lots and lots of data. In this episode, marketing strategist Steve Mudd speaks with Rob Davis, Head of Digital, Ogilvy USA explore the connection between data and innovation, how companies shield themselves from new ideas, and why brands need to get down with OTT.