“The Role of Brands in the Creator Revolution” – Advertising Week Session

Chris Celletti at OgilvyDo has a nice article about our Advertising Week session “The Role of Brands in the Creator Revolution” which I had the pleasure of moderating last week. Panelists Cenk Uygur (The Young Turks), Maureen Ahmad (Lenovo), Seth Rogin (Mashable) and Sam Rogoway (Victorious) shared lively conversation about the rise of the online content star […]

Dealing with Concern Trolls

  Internet “trolls” have been around for decades, ever since the very first electronic bulletin boards.  A typical troll is an online user who achieves a level of self-gratification from annoying the participants of a given message board, forum or discussion thread. Every niche interest on the Internet has trolls. There is one particularly vindictive […]