Davis joins 15 video experts in 2016 marketplace predictions – Momentology

I am in good company with these folks! “We asked 16 video marketing experts – especially ones who made accurate predictions last year – to share their insights into the video marketing trends that we will see in 2016. In alphabetical order, here’s what they told Momentology.” More at Momentology…

“The Role of Brands in the Creator Revolution” – Advertising Week Session

Chris Celletti at OgilvyDo has a nice article about our Advertising Week session “The Role of Brands in the Creator Revolution” which I had the pleasure of moderating last week. Panelists Cenk Uygur (The Young Turks), Maureen Ahmad (Lenovo), Seth Rogin (Mashable) and Sam Rogoway (Victorious) shared lively conversation about the rise of the online content star […]