Video Engagement Still Matters: Why Gawker is Kinda, Sorta Right About Counting Video Views

From the OgilvyOne Sell or Else blog: In the eight years since I founded the Advanced Video Practice at OgilvyOne, I have been advising clients to avoid putting too much weight on counting total video views. In 2012, my colleague Jeremy Sanchez and I presented Viral is a Dirty Word at SXSW. Our plea to the industry at that […]

Online Video: Why Complete Views Aren’t All That

I have a new post on OgilvyOne’s Sell or Else blog about one of my least favorite subjects: the complete video view. Here’s an excerpt. Head over to Sell or Else for the whole piece. The core Internet user experience is predicated upon the notion of instant gratification: the user clicks and the user gets […]

The Five Principles of Content Marketing

My partner in the OgilvyOne Content Marketing Practice, Mina Seetharaman, has a great new post on the Sell or Else blog about our approach to content marketing. Mina covers some good ground… But what exactly IS content marketing? How do we describe it to clients, let alone convince them it’s something they need to consider […]

Is it Time for a Video Agency of Record?

Have you ever visited the Four Corners monument in the southwestern United States where one can stand on all fours simultaneously touching the states of Utah, Arizona, New Mexico and Colorado? That’s a bit like what the interactive video marketplace requires of top digital agencies; giving equal weight to multiple disciplines in the name of […]