Digital Hieroglyphics

The last of our Scrubber Bar series of videos is live on YouTube. This installment, “Digital Hieroglyphics” takes a look at changing user behaviors. Mobile, and the social systems growing up on it, are changing the way we interact. The younger generations are propelling new uses of these systems, particularly the visual ones, to rewrite […]

You Can’t Improve What You Don’t Measure

Another Scrubber Bar story is live on the Ogilvy/Fast Company Co-Create site. This week’s topic focuses on how to measure what matters when it comes to content marketing. When it comes to video content, marketers tend to focus on volume measurements, such as shares, likes, or view counts. Those don’t measure the direct impact a […]

YouTube Is The Most Influential Site In The World.

Our next Scrubber Bar Story is all about the staggering influence of YouTube, a site everyone knows yet few (especially marketers) really understand. See the latest Fast Company post or view the video on (where else?) YouTube. YouTube is the most influential site in the world. There is a tremendous demand for video content and […]

FlyPaper: A video strategy for the marketer who cares about engagement

Our forth Scrubber Bar Stories video is like at FastCo & Ogilvy’s Co.Create. This week’s installment is about making content that reflects the needs of your audiences and earning their engagement click. FlyPaper is a video marketing strategy we developed at Ogilvy over four years ago. FlyPaper uses the science of user behavior to develop […]

Distribution is the Recipe for Content Success in Interactive

The 3rd Scrubber Bar series is up… The three things you must keep in mind for interactive content: Where is your content headed? Where is your audience? And how do you get the two of them aligned? Marketers use interactive content to prompt engagement with consumers. See the page on the Ogilvy/FastCompany partnership at […]