Steaming Through Mosby’s Confederacy

A passion for steam trains can send one to places they would otherwise never explore. The northern Virginia hill country is one such place for me. The pursuit of steam has lead me there twice; once about 30 years ago and more recently in early June 2016 to ride behind the recently restored streamlined locomotive Norfolk & Western #611 which was pulling a series of excursions on the Norfolk Southern railroad billed as “The American.”

Connections of Steam

Of all man’s creations borne out of earthly materials and human intellect, those which inspire the greatest awe harness power to carry us further, faster or higher than our own hapless masses of skin and bone could ever hope to. From space shuttles to farm tractors to automobiles of all shapes and forms, every machine of transport draws its own legion of followers willing to freeze time and revel in

Bruce Springsteen and a Train Ride into the Night

January 15, 2016 Early AfternoonMarysville, Pennsylvania “Tonight there’s fallen angels and they’re waiting for us down in the street”– Bruce Springsteen, “Drive All Night” Westbound Amtrak train #43, The Pennsylvanian, is a rather nondescript conveyance as far as passenger trains go — just a few coaches, a single business class car and a cafe — and the train is more crowded than I expected. Prime seats have been occupied since Philadelphia and the train

Advice on Getting to Disney’s Magic Kingdom for Early Morning Tours

My family and I recently participated in the excellent backstage experience “Disney’s Magic Behind Our Steam Trains Tour” at Walt Disney World in Florida. It is a wonderful offering, as described in our full post on the tour. The challenge is that the tour requires you to be at the front gates of the Magic Kingdom Park between 7-7:30am. Most of the Disney transportation services are just coming into service