Analog Love: Project3713

Man can’t live on digital alone. At least this man can’t. Amidst the whirr of high tech devices, I still find solace in machines of the past. That is why I have contributed time and resources to helping raise funds for some very interesting old iron: a 1934-built steam locomotive that has become a key artifact of the National Park Service’s Steamtown National Historic Site.

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The Radical Redefinition of Television

My latest major work – a look at the past, present and future of OTT – has been soft-launched. You can find it online at The official release will come in 2019. Written in partnership with Ed Laczynski, CEO of Zype, Cordless: The Radical Redefinition of Television is a guide to understanding Over The Top television from an insiders’ point of view.

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Donkey Wings: Chicken Wing Life Part #3

The Lackawanna River isn’t orange anymore.

At least not here behind the levee in The Plot, a jagged patchwork of residential streets on the north side of Scranton, Pennsylvania where oxidized water once signaled industrial prosperity. This is anthracite coal country. Well, it was until six decades ago when decreasing demand and rising costs drove the miners into the sunlight for good. There’s still a small fortune of coal under Scranton, but it would require a large fortune to extract it without disrupting life above ground. So there it lies.

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