When you devote 25 years to an industry predicated upon the promise of persistent change, it’s a good sign you’re either comfortable with the unknown or you’re utterly mad. I prefer to think of myself as the former, though do I find a fine thread of madness is required.

I didn’t grow up in digital; I grew up with it. We developed together. My experience crosses all aspects of digital content and marketing. I have my specialties (creative video strategy being the one I am most widely known for) and preferences (I enjoy focusing on insight-driven content and audience development), but the truth is I am at my best leading a broad, trendsetting digital agenda. I like to lead. It’s who I am.

The variety of future-facing work suits me well, as my greatest fear is monotony. I am not wired to do just one repetitive thing. I need to improvise. I approach work and life as I do music: I can write a song, but I am a disaster playing in a formal orchestral setting. I don’t like to play the notes written by someone else. They’ve already been done. I need to create my own. In doing so, I discover the greatest challenges and the deepest rewards.

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