“The Role of Brands in the Creator Revolution” – Advertising Week Session

I had the pleasure of moderating the Advertising Week session “The Role of Brands in the Creator Revolution” last week. Panelists Cenk Uygur (The Young Turks), Maureen Ahmad (Lenovo), Seth Rogin (Mashable) and Sam Rogoway (Victorious) shared lively conversation about the rise of the online content star and what opportunities the new landscape offers for brands. Revolution often results in democracy. The inverse can also be true, especially in media.

Lessons from Boeing: The Audacity of Having Fun

I will admit that I have been a fan of Boeing’s PR since hearing the company’s then Comms/Social director Todd Blecher speak at an industry event several years ago.  Boeing was an early adopter of brand journalism and a believer in the use of digital platforms for doing more than blasting bland inward-facing content at whomever might be passing by their digital doorstep. Thus, I was not surprised to see Boeing