Two Sides of The Same Coin

Chances are folks end up here for one of two reasons.

Either they know me as an executive in digital transformation (that is what we’re calling it these days, right?), or they are looking for stories of the highways, railroads and greasy counter tops of this great world we live in.

If that describes you, well, you’re in the right place.

For all things digital marketing (web, social, esports, sonic branding, video and so forth) I’ve hand-coded a link just for you. Here it is: Digital Transformation

If you’re looking for something else – maybe coal smoke over the mountains or oily fog hanging above a basket of frying chicken wings –  I’ve crafted a different link just for you and I put it right here: Raconteur: Stories from the Road

You’ll likely find other bits here and there, if you look long enough.

As ol’ Levon sang, “take what you need and leave the rest.”

And thanks for coming by.